Basmati rice is a God’s special gift to India, especially for North India. No other part in the world produces such an exquisite aroma, tasty and fast cooking rice. The enhancing geographical condition that prevails in North India makes such a different kind of rice. The Indian Basmati rice has high quality aroma and sweet when compared with Chinese and Thai Jasmine rice. There are many other varieties of rice cultivated in various parts but no such rice can compete with Basmati rice for its flavour, smell, appearance and taste.

India is famous not only for Basmati but also for Kaima, Sona Masuri, Luchkari Kolam etc., The consumption of rice in India is very high comparing with any other country in the world. That is the only reason so many leading business groups are coming to India and shaking hands with Indian companies.

R.R. Enterprises is a distributor for three major Companies they are : M/s. Sun star Overseas Ltd, M/s. Best Foods Ltd, M/s. Tilda Hain India Pvt Ltd

We are supplying our products to all modern trade outlets like Reliance, Big Bazaar, More, Spencer and Lulu etc., and all major wholesale and Retails counters across the State.

Other than the major distributor we have developed our own brands such as Everyday Gold, Everyday Green, Everyday Classic, Olimpic, Punjab Ki Rani, Mubarak and Kamal.